Vital statistics
Species Human
Series Total Drama
Location Festival Grounds
Nano Item Flower
Voiced by Barbara Mamabolo

Zoey, labeled The Indie Chick, was a camper on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island as a member of the Mutant Maggots. She returned as a contestant on Total Drama All-Stars as a member of the Heroic Hamsters, and was also one of the finalists of the season.

She met her boyfriend on the show and is still dating him.


In FusionFall, she is located on the eastern side of the Festival Grounds, where she is helping out by participating in the massive festival taking place, primarily running the indie film contest. Upon Fuse's invasion however, she began to offer other services as such as weapon shops and martial arts/archery/gymnastics/etc. training to young heroes. The olayer can be trained by her through a variety of missions, which are usually difficult to complete. Upon completing them, the players are rewarded with unique items and C.R.A.T.E.S.

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