Zeropoint City
Area Level 65
Zeropoint City is the most beautiful community in the Aurora Series, and is the hometown to Zack Tonami and the Team. Zeropoint City has the most exotic places in this series. Players can get here through the crossgate. To the east is the Zeropath Forest. To the south is the crossgate. To the west is the Cross Alley and Downtown Zeropoint.


When Fuse took over the crossgate, it split most parts of Zack's world apart. Zeropoint City is partly covered in Fusion Matter. Tails the Fox was sent to help repair some nearby damaged areas (particularly Zeropoint Square), but ended up in the city itself. Mike is here because he was looking for Zoey, but got sucked through the gate. Zack's Master moved to the city with his family because his dojo got destroyed. Nebula has set up his HQ in Zeropoint City s well. Zack's robot partner, Blue, along with Robotboy, are stationed here, but can be found in several other places as well. Wing Kingdom has appeared here. Fuse's minions and Fusions, for some reason, run when they see the Wing Kingdom Mascot. However, Fuse is going to make a fearless Fusion of the mascot soon.

The Infected Zone is Zeropath Forest. There is a large number of high level Fusion Monsters in this Infected Zone, so it is a good source of Fusion Matter and Taros for players.

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