Vital statistics
Real name Zach the Fox
Age 27
Species Mobian Fox
Designation Smarty
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Location City Hall
Nano Item Goggles
Voiced by cowansm4

Zach is a Mobian fox from Mobius. He is very smart — his intelligence is equal to Dexter and Mandark's.


In FusionFall, Mobius was invaded by Fuse and Zach and his wife got away to earth. Zach put his wife somewhere safe and they split up. Dexter noticed Zach's intelligence and asked Zach to help him in the war by fighting and helping with Nano enhancement. Zach accepted and went to City Hall with Bubbles and the Mayor. Bubbles calls him cute for a talking fox and Zach says that he’s not cute.

The Future

In the Future, Zach is nowhere to be found, though his wife is. He has a hologram in Hero Square for helping Dexter with Nano enhancement. His wife mentions he could just have flown away with his jet boots, though he said that the fuel was empty.

The Past

In the past, Zach is with Bubbles and the Mayor, His missions consist of helping with Nano enhancement, getting back his tech from the Fusion Octabots, or helping Flapjack in finding Bubbie by finding enough batteries to charge up his animal tracker.

Fusion Home Invaders (F. H. I. )

ZachA Nano Mission Fusion Home Invaders
Level 16
Difficulty Hard
Character Zach
Place City Hall
Defeat Fusion Zach.
My Notes
I defeated Fusion Zach and created a Zach Nano.
ZachA Zach
Hey, kid, those Octabots are stealing my tech! Can ya defeat five of 'em?
Step 1
Defeat 0/5 Octabots
DexterA Dexter
Bring that tech to me! Zach wants you to meet him in City Hall !
Step 2
Talk to Zach.
ZachA Zach
All right, ya ready to tag team with me to find my custom Omnitrix alien DNA for Ben?
Step 3
Go inside Hunter's Nest infected zone.
Step 4
Enter the Lava Lava Island infected zone.
ZachA Zach
Phew! What a long walk! And all that magma Fusion matter! I can't go on! But I can help you go to Fusion Zach.
Step 5
Defeat ten Octabots.
ZachA Zach
YES! I'll give these to Ben later! Go fight Fusion Zach and show Fuse we won't take it no more!
Step 6
Defeat Fusion Zach. 0/1


Zach is a Sonic fan character made by the former Cowansm3, who is now Cowansm4.


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