Young Justice - The Team
The Young Justice Team is a teenage superhero team assigned to undertake covert operations on behalf of the Justice League. Its founding members were Aqualad, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Robin, and Superboy. After changing their headquarters several times, they eventually began to operate from the Watchtower.

Aqualad at first acted as the leader of the Young Justice Team, though other members of the Young Justice Team have acted as leader in situations where not all members are available for a mission. As time passed, the ranks grew as more members of the Justice League introduced their young protégés or other young heroes to the Young Justice Team. Eventually, Nightwing became the new leader.

Currently, the members of the team can be found at the following locations:


  • Since the Watchtower can only be reached by taking the portal at Titans Tower on City Island, the Young Justice Team was not met by players until the City Peninsula section was added in June of 2012, as City Island can only be reached by taking the Monkey Skyway Agents from the Wattzap Dock there. Further, since that section of the game does not open up to players until after they have already "defeated" Fuse once, the Watchtower is likewise available only to players who have already "beaten" Fuse.
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