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Yoshi - Mario Party 10.png
Vital statistics
Species Yoshi
Location Yoshi Island
Nano Item Yoshi Egg
Voiced by Kazumi Totaka

Yoshi is a protagonist in the Mario franchise, and a friend of Mario and Luigi. His first appearances were as a steed for Mario. He is also a playable character in multiple series within the Mario franchise, such as the Mario Party and Mario Kart series. He is a part of FusionFall's "Dimensional Extension" which is an extension of the original FusionFall game that includes elements from outside of the Cartoon Network Universe.

FusionFall - Dimensional Extension Edition

In the game, Yoshi can be found on his homeland of Yoshi Island, which is located somewhere out in the sea off the mainland of FusionFall's CN Universe. He can be found with many members of his species. He shares confusion with them as their isolation from the rest of the world prevented them from hearing about Planet Fusion's invasion and are trying their best to defend it while they make sense of the alien attackers. Luckily, the player stumbles upon the island and helps the Yoshis learn more about Planet Fusion.

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