The Mission

Obtaining the Mission

WoofbotA Nano Mission Mechanical Mayhem
Level 8
Difficulty Medium
Character Woofbot
Place Robitown Heights - The Suburbs
Help Woofbot Fix the robots
My Notes
Fuison Woofbot stopped robots, but i beat him and won a new nano

Mission Description: I got a call from T.O.M. and his clydes are malfunctioning. Can you help me fix them?

During the Mission

WoofbotA Woofbot
One of the clydes are broken. You there, help me fix them.
Step One
Defeat the Mechanical Spawns.

Robot Remains: 0/5

Step Two
Deliver to TOM
File:T.O.M.A.png T.O.M.
I think i need more supplies for fixing them...
Step Three
Defeat the Motorillas.

Wiring: 0/2

WoofbotA Woofbot
I need those wires. Give them to me.
Step Four
Return the Wires to Woofbot.
WoofbotA Woofbot
Quick, to the Infected Zone.
Step Five
Go to the Blind Cave infected zone
WoofbotA Woofbot
You must detect the fusion lair.
Step Six
Find the Fusion Lair
Step Seven
Go inside the fusion lair.
WoofbotA Woofbot
Imma help you find the fusion.
Step Eight
Defeat the Fusions.

Fusion Woofbot: 0/1

  • Fusion Meowbot: 0/1

After Completion

WoofbotA Woofbot
That should slow down the fusions!

The Nano

Name: Woofbot


Type: Blastons

Power 1: Laser Eyes - Attack Point

Power 2: Reboot - Revive Self

Power 3: Helicopter Mode - Recall Group

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