Fusion Fall Wilt
Vital statistics
Series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Location Peach Creek Commons
Nano Item Basketball
Voiced by Phil LaMarr
Wilt is an imaginary friend and one of the main characters in Foster's. His creator was a child named Jordan Michaels who later became a professional basketball player (a play on Michael Jordan). Jordan imagined Wilt as the perfect basketball trainer, partner, and friend. The Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends movie Good Wilt Hunting reveals Wilt's past: the identity of his creator and how Wilt ended up at Foster's. Due to a bully and his imaginary friend, Foul Larry, challenging Wilt and Jordan to a game of basketball, Wilt sustained the injures he has today and lost the basketball game (due to the bully's team's cheating). During the game, when the large Foul Larry was about to fall on Jordan, Wilt saved his creator by pushing him out of the way, causing him to break one of his eye-stalks and lose an arm.

Wilt felt like a failure and ran away, hiding from Jordan when he tried to find him, eventually leaving New York and traveling across the country to Foster's. Because of this painful past, Wilt tries always to be extremely cheerful and to apologizes for nearly everything he says or does, and to be one of the most helpful members of Foster's. He's also best friends with MacBlooEduardoCocoCheeseMr. Herriman, and Frankie. Wilt later reunited temporarily with his creator, who is now a major basketball star, and made amends.


In the Past, Wilt can be found handing out missions in the Cul-de-Sac, as Eduardo did in the Future. During the mission where the player has to fight Fusion Father, Wilt explains that he and the other friends put up the "Re:Fuse" posters made of imaginary energy in Habitat Homes to weaken Fuse's monsters. Wilt is a large part of the game, as he is involved with many missions early on in the game.

For some reason, Fusion Wilt appears more like a robotic machine rather than Wilt himself. Fusion Wilt's robotic appearance serves as a reference to Wilt's alter ego, Lord Snotzax, and players can also get a Lord Snotzax set if they complete Guide missions from Edd. It is believed that Fusion Wilt is affected by Imaginary Energy, which makes a Fusion either extremely ridiculous, or forces the Fusion to do a good deed, such as Fusion Eduardo telling you where he is. Fusion Wilt is robotic, so people consider him hostile.


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