West City
Area Level 30
NPCs Iris

Jet Ray

Marine the Raccoon

Oolong the Pig

Rouge the Bat

Sonia Strumm

West City is the location of the Capsule Corporation, a gigantic conglomerate, far larger than either DexLabs or Mandark Industries and which produces a much greater volume of goods. However, it has begun to work with DexLabs, and together they have incorporated the DexLabs Division of Capsules. This has infuriated Mandark, who desired the contract himself, and who seeks to sabotage the combine's products. Bulma is the co-leader of Capsule Corporation. At the extreme Western End of West City stands Dr. Eggman's Egg Palace, built atop the West City Sewage Plant, which serves as the West City Infected Area.  All of the Fusions associated with West City will be found in this section of the city. 


Iris, Jet Ray, Marine the Raccoon, Oolong the Pig, Rouge the Bat, and Sonia Strumm can all be found here.

Fusion Lairs

Fusion Snap White's secret lair

Fusion Danny Phantom's lair

Fusion Timmy Turner's secret lair

Fusion Vegeta's secret lair

Fusion Silver's secret lair

Fusion Mabel's lair

Fusion Mabel's secret lair

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