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Numbuh 60A.png World Mission Welcome to Fort Forte, Maggot!
Level 19
Difficulty Easy
Character Numbuh 60
Place City Island
Take a tour around Fort Forte.
My Notes
There's this KND fort on City Island that I need to look around at so I can be aware of it.

Mission Details

Step One
Speak with Numbuh 60 by the gate entrance.
Numbuh 60A.png Numbuh 60
Hello there, maggot! You're about to enter Fort Forte, the KND's newest fortified defense center this side of the Mainland. Time for your tour.

Step Two
Go to the Mess Hall.
Numbuh 60A.png Numbuh 60
This is the Mess Hall where the operatives come and eat during breakfast, lunch, and dinner breaks.

Step Three
Go to the armory.
Numbuh 60A.png Numbuh 60
Whoa whoa whoa! You can't go in there. That's classified to Fort Forte personnel only. If you want to see what's inside, you'll have to come back for some training.

Step Four
Go to the training grounds.
Numbuh 60A.png Numbuh 60
This is where our operatives practice their skills in combat nearly 24/7, except on holidays, of course.

Step Five
Go to medbay.
Numbuh 60A.png Numbuh 60
This is medbay, where our injured go to get fixed up. We have all sorts of treatment for just about anything, from flesh wounds to tummy aches. That's all you need to see and know about for now. Come back to me for your reward.

Step Six
Return to Numbuh 60.
Numbuh 60A.png Numbuh 60
Impressive fort, isn't it? I'm very proud to be running this whole operation. Here's a reward for going around the fort. Remember to come back if you think you have the skills to get into the armory.

Mission Summary

Welcome to Fort Forte, Maggot!
I was given a tour around Fort Forte by the KND's equivalent of a drill-sergeant.