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640px-JLA Watchtower.jpg
Area Level 37
NPCs Batman
Green Lantern
Green Arrow


The Watchtower is a Level 37 zone. Players are able to warp there from Titans Tower on City Island, where a portal to it has been set up, next to which Scooby-Doo is standing.

When Planet Fuse attacked the Watchtower was (and remains) protected by Green Lantern. Meanwhile, Green Arrow and Batman have been debating how to defeat Fuse. Green Arrow has maintained that an aggressive campaign against Fuse is impossible now that Superman is apparently dead and only three members of the Justice League remain, but Batman  continues to maintain that there is a genuine hope of mounting a real Resistance.

The Young Justice Team operates out of the Watchtower, though only Artemis and Superboy are currently to be found there.


  • Since the Watchtower can only be reached by taking the portal, it was not available to players until the City Peninsula section was added in June of 2012, as City Island can only be reached by taking the Monkey Skyway Agents from the Wattzap Dock there. Further, since that section of the game does not open up to players until after they have already "defeated" Fuse once, the Watchtower is likewise available only to players who have already "beaten" Fuse.