Warp Portals teleport players into and out of certain areas in the game. They do not require payment to be used. The portals can be found in various locations throughout the world. The two most common types are Dexbot Warp Portals and Fusion Warp Portals.

Dexbot Warp Portals

Dexbot Portals allow entry into some zones, buildings, and the KND Time Lab. They are operated by Dexbots.

Infected Zone Warp Portals

These portals are operated by Dexbots to teleport players into and out of Infected Zones. Usually, one portal is located outside an infected zone and at least one portal is located within the zone. These distinctive machines are characterized by a red and blue frame, with a hexagon-patterned base, and gently pulsing blue lights. When teleported, the player character is surrounded by an orange light.

In the Future, two Warp Portals warp players to the Time Lab where they are sent to the past.

Fusion Lair Warp Portal

Usually scattered throughout Infected Zones, Fusion Warp Portals warp a player character into a Fusion Lair to defeat one or more Fusions as part of a mission. They appear as green warp pads surrounded by green vines and bulbs with protruding green tentacles, seemingly constructed of Fusion Matter and an energy pool.

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