Wallabee Ultrawoods
Vital statistics
Location Abyss Alley
Nano Item Helmet

"You know if you hate Fuse than Charlie Sheen is going to eat you're head off"

Wallabee isnt the smartest guy in the world. But he is good at fighting fusions or what he thinks are fusions. He seems to always gets mixed up with who is the good guys and who the bad guys are. But anyway he used to work for Mandark but he broke alot of his stuff so Mandark fired him but before he was fired Mandark taught him to hate Dexter and sense he used to work for Mandark Dexter hates him too. He used to live in Endsville where he was friends with Billy, Mandy, and Grim but just a little bit before the invasion he moved to the Cul-de-sac with his cousin Ed Because his parent couldn't afford thier house but even though he wasn't at Endsville anymore he still had a crush on Mandy. But at his new house he met his cousins best friends Double D and Eddy who soon became his best friend as well as his cousin Ed. He likes to go to fosters home alot sense he is part imaginary friend because his dad was his mom's imaginary friend growing up and eventually his mom fell in love with her imaginary friend and they got married and had three kids. He also is a member of team slammer.