No human comes to the mountain of eternal flames and lives.

–Fusion Demongo

Mount Doom
Mt. Gloom
Area Level 53
NPCs Li'l Gideon

Volcano Mountain is a mountain in the little known parts of the FusionFall universe north of Dark City. It is a living volcano. Fire comes out of it when it gets angry. Oddly enough, each year a soapbox derby is run down the mountain's side; in one notable year it was won by Dexter against Mandark due to the intervention of Racer D.


The mountain is a burial place for fallen villains. When these mighty villains die, their lifeless bodies are lowered into the heart of the volcano. Their names are written onto a wall inside a cave on the side of the mountain. Hundreds of names are posted on this wall.

Rise of
Flame Zombies

Flame Zombies rising from the depths of Volcano Mountain

the Dead

Fusion Demongo, under Fuse's orders, went to the mountain and poured a reviving potion into the volcano, infecting it with Fusion Matter and reviving all of the warriors' bodies placed there that had not yet fully decayed, causing them to rise from the primaeval flames of the mountain as Flame Zombies. These dead warriors attacked the command centers of the Resistance, turning dozens of resistance fighters into zombified warriors and slaves of Fuse. The Kids Next Door launched a secret mission onto the mountain to extinguish the volcano and stop any more fallen villains from rising from out of the flames. Their mission ended in failure, as Fusion Demongo stole the essences of most of the mission operatives. One player mission involves freeing the essences by defeating Fusion Demongo.

Li'l Gideon has come to the mountain, hoping through certain occult rituals to harness its dark power to gain his revenge on the Pines family. In the mission "Li'l Destruction" the player must recover the Mystery Journal he has stolen from Dipper and prevent him from using its power for evil purposes.

Fusion Enemies

Lava Turtles

Flame Zombies

Ash Thrashers

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