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  • I live in thailand
  • I was born on January 21
  • I am female
  • Twilightsparkle64

    Hello! FusionFallers! It's me Alice Managelo A.K.A. AliceTheGamer (My Username are changed for soon!) This blog is "All" about my Favorite FusionFall Ships! Let's see what's hot and what's not In my Favorite Ships List!

    ♥ Normal Ship ♥

    1. Ben X Alice(me/both in game and anime)

    Speaking of Normal Ship.... I think this Is my best FusionFall Shipping ever!

    2. Zak X Pairie (One of my avatar who was owned by my friend for later)

    My Very Very First O-T-P that Made their appearance in my Fanfiction FusionFall: The Animated Series!

    3. Rex X Eriole (She was owned by my friend for later too)

    They're so adorable! Last but not least.... They're made their appearance in original GR Series too! (From my Very Very old fanfiction)

    Now.... Time for a Yaoi Couple!


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