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Hi, everyone!  I’m usually known on-line as Tann, short for Tannhäuser (pronounced "TAN-hoy-zer" or nearly enough) — which I think both more memorable and descriptive than either John or Charles, my birth-certificate names (though perhaps not much more than “Johannes Karlus”, the names given me at the font).

I started playing FusionFall only this year in earnest, though I had signed up a long time ago. I immediately became addicted —and why not, considering that I had been a Cartoon Network fan from its inception and an animation fan practically from my own.  My favorite Cartoon Network cartoons are still the ones I had grown up with, before the Network itself had come along: the Loony Tunes, the M-G-M cartoons, and the Hanna-Barbera library, Jonny Quest above all.  When Cartoon Network started adding original content, I was not all that enchanted with it, at first.  (Honestly, can you blame me? The Moxy Show? "Mina and the Count"?) Then I caught two shorts on the What a Cartoon! show called "Dexter's Laboratory" and "Johnny Bravo"...

Yeah. Hooked.

I still miss the Boomerang! kinds of cartoons (why do we people who need Boomerang! the most all live outside its broadcast area?), so I am not as horribly affronted by the newer cartoons taking the place of the ones from the 'Nineties as some fans seem to be.  After all, I was used to my favorite cartoons being supplanted by newer ones.  I hated most of the Kricfalusi stuff anyway.  I actually enjoy Regular Show, Adventure Time, Dreamworks' Dragons, and some of the thick-line Canadian stuff better than stuff like Cow and Chicken (not to mention any anime).

Oh, and since I have been encouraging people to link to their fan-works, let me set an example by linking to my own FusionFall art gallery.

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