Tsubasa Otori
Tsubasa Otori Trans
Vital statistics
Age 13
Species Human
Series Beyblade
Location Halloween Town
Voiced by David Reale
An eagle boldly flies through the sky, even in a storm! It feels wind that we cannot see and, using its wings, it soars!

–Tsubasa Otori

Tsubasa Otori (大鳥翼, Otori Tsubasa) is one of the principal characters in Beyblade: Metal Fusion. He was a secret agent of the WBBA who went undercover within the Dark Nebula. He later became a member of Team GanGan Galaxy, along with Gingka Hagane and Kenta Yumiya. He is a fair-fighting, calm-headed Beyblader, who wishes to soar like his "Earth Eagle."

Tsubasa is a tall, slightly muscular boy with long silver-grey hair, tied into a low ponytail by using a clip, with bangs that hang over his eyes. His eyes are a golden-brown color. Tsubasa wears a sleeveless brown shirt, with a lavender trim around the shoulders, that shows a small part of his stomach. He also wears a pair of white loose-fitting trousers and a pair of brown boots. Tsubasa also wears a pair of gauntlets. He keeps his Beyblade, "Earth Eagle," in a Bey storage-box kept on his right forearm.


Tsubasa was blown to Halloween Town by a Gooby Trap explosion. He later informs Ginka through the player that he is fine, and will come back after the war.

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