Vital statistics
Species Mushroom Pixie
Series Chowder
Location Pokey Oaks North
Nano Item Mushroom Hat
Voiced by Tara Strong
Truffles is Mung Daal's bossy and mean-spirited wife. She works as the cashier of the catering company.


Truffle can be mean and frightening. All who work in the company and even big and intimidating characters display some fear of her; it has been implied that even the slightest annoyances can drive her into a murderous rage. When she plays Mahjong, she becomes "Mahjongasaur", a sort of Mahjong-crazed mega-monster, in Mung's words. She refuses to see her own faults and blames everyone else for whatever problems her faults cause. On the other hand, she is very insecure about her weight and hence is very susceptible to flattery. Truffles is very competitive and more of a "man" than her husband. Though she is stern, her love for Mung and pride in his cooking always shines through.


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