Tracey Sketchit
Vital statistics
Real name Kenji
Age 15
Species Human
Series Pokémon
Location Dr. Wily's Lab
Nano Item Headband
Voiced by Craig Blair

Tracey Sketchit (Japanese: ケンジ Kenji) is a Pokémon watcher and a former traveling companion of Ash from the Orange Islands saga of the anime. Tracey first appeared when he came upon Ash getting ready to battle three other Trainers. He was impressed by the condition of Ash's Pikachu and decided to take notes. He got to know Ash and Misty better after he helped them save an injured Lapras. After hearing that Ash and Misty knew Professor Oak, his hero, Tracey decided to invite himself to the group.


Tracey is at Dr. Wily's Lab trying to flirt with Saya Takagi — with no success. Tracy often stands around talking about Left 4 Dead with her. Contrary to what Tracey thinks, Saya is of the opinion that it would be dumb to put Pokémon in L4D.

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