Titan Tower
Area Level 37
NPCs Robin

Scooby Doo

Titans Tower is the official headquarters of the Teen Titans. It is in the shape of an uppercase T and is on City Island, a large island off the coast of Orchid Bay.  The ruins of Jump City, the former sister city of Townsville, surround the decayed structure. There are Monkey Skyway Agents here which will fly players to the Wattzap Dock on the end of City Peninsula.


The Titans Tower was partly destroyed in the Fusion invasion and the lower levels have been infected with Fusion matter; monsters constantly roam the area, as Fuse seems to be after something that was kept inside the tower. Only Robin returned to the Tower when he learned of its destruction by Fuse. Robin took in Scooby-Doo after finding him outside, and Scooby sometimes causes trouble, though Robin has tried to make him feel useful by having him "guard" the portal to the Watchtower located just outside Titans Tower.

In the New Future, Bobert is stationed here, where he gives out the "System Recovery" mission. Recently, there have been reports of a powerful new Fusion that has taken up residence in the Tower; this is subsequently revealed to be Fusion Batman Beyond.


  • Since City Island can only be reached by taking the Monkey Skyway Agents from the Wattzap Dock on City Peninsula, this area of the game was not available until that section was added in June of 2012.
  • The area becomes available only after the player has "beaten" Fuse once; it is later revealed that he was able to regenerate after his initial defeat.

Fusion Lairs

  • Fusion Batman Beyond


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