Tino Tonitini
Tino in Winter
Vital statistics
Age 14
Species Human
Series The Weekenders
Location Fort Forte
Voiced by Jason Marsden
Later days!

Tino Tonitini is the very sarcastic, obsessive, intelligent, neurotic, over-imaginative, and sometimes immature protagonist and usual narrator of Disney's The Weekenders. Though Tino sometimes appears to be a bit of a coward, and both neurotic and flighty, he has proven on many occasions to be resourceful and brave. Tino is generally the most tolerant, patient and accepting of his friends. On the whole, he is well-rounded, open-minded and more than willing to accompany or help his friends through their many misadventures.


Tino Tonitini has become involved in the Fusion War due to a mix-up: he thought he was going off to Summer Camp, but ended up being enlisted as a new recruit to the KND and sent to Fort Forte. As long as he is there, he is determined to create the world's biggest Chug-a-Freeze, for which he asks the player to gather ingredients. Though Tino is a bit snarky, particularly toward Brick, he seems determined to make the best of his "terrible, horrible, hopelessly bad" situation.


  • Like most other child characters in FusionFall, Tino has been "aged up" to his teen years.
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