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RigbyA.png Nano Mission Time for Punchies
Level 20
Difficulty Hard
Character Rigby
Place Wicked Woods - The Wilds
Get Rigby's stuff back from the Fusions.
My Notes
I crashed Fusion Rigby's party and defeated him. I got the new Rigby Nano.

Mission Offer

Time for Punchies
After I stopped talking to that turd Mordecai, I moved here. He thinks I can't handle being alone. Hm, hm, hm, I'll show him. Oh, yeah -- the mission. Some freaky monsters stole all my stuff. Can you help me get it back?

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to the Wins-Mcc Shrine.

Time for Punchies
Those monsters stole all my good stuff. Now all I have is these lame things Benson gave me. Go to that shrine thingy in the forest. I saw those dumb monsters run off there.

RigbyA.png Rigby
Those monsters don't know who they're dealing with. I'm gonna put the hurt on 'em.

Step 2
Defeat Wicked Skeeters.

Death Kwon Do notes: 0/1

Time for Punchies
I bet those bug thingies have my Death Kwon Do notes. Get them back.

RigbyA.png Rigby
You finally got here. Now go rough up those Wicked Skeeters. They're the main ones I saw stealing my things.

Step 3
Defeat Phantom Terrors.

Strong Johns video game: 0/1

Time for Punchies
Awww. My notes are all ruined. But I bet there's still time to save my Strong Johns game. Hurry up!

RigbyA.png Rigby
UGH! They totally messed up my notes. You still can save my Strong Johns video game, though. Hurry!

Step 4
Defeat Screaming Eels.

Time card: 0/1

Time for Punchies
Nooooooooo! They destroyed my game. I'm gonna... You're gonna totally put the hurt on them now. Those stupid slimy eels have my time card. If I lose that, Benson will kill me.

RigbyA.png Rigby
No, no, no, no! Not my Strong Johns! Hm,Hm,Hm,Hm. Those other monsters stole my time card, if I lose that Benson will kill me. Go get it back!

Step 5
Enter Fusion Lair


Time for Punchies
Hm, hm, hm, hm. Those monsters were guarding one of those Fusion hideouts. Go in there and see if some Fusion is behind this.

RigbyA.png Rigby
That Fusion hideout looks like where those monsters were about to go into. Go inside and see what's up.

Step 6
Defeat 8 Screaming Eels.

Screaming Eel: 0/8

Time for Punchies
You made it in. Good. Looks like there's a Fusion party going on in this joint. Well, what are you waiting for? Crash the party!

RigbyA.png Rigby
Those Fusion losers, throwing a party with my stuff. Oh, no! Bust this party up!

Step 7
Defeat Fusion Rigby.

Fusion Rigby: 0/1

Time for Punchies
That tool Fusion Rigby stole all my stuff and I bet he thinks it's funny. Go put the extra hurt on him.

RigbyA.png Rigby
I knew it. Some Fusion nerds stole all my stuff so they could throw a party. Hm, hm, hm, and I wasn't invited. That big phony Fusion Rigby needs to be dealt with. You know what to do.