• Sorry about my articles problem but now I think I need some helper for my fanfictions So, If I'm Writing in wrong some part(s) on my article(s) please edit that wrong part PS. I'm just a poor Yaoi Fangirl please don't blame me if you don't like it

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    • Dear Twilightsparkle64,

      It's my unfortunate duty sometimes to block fans' ideas, but I want you to know that I am actually very impressed by most of what you have done.  Your idea about listing episodes of an animated series is a brilliant and creative one, and I am very impressed by the very evocative titles that you came up with for your episodes.  I encourage you to keep writing, not just fanfic, but your own original stories, which I have the feeling would be filled with wonderful ideas.  Please don't take personally anything that I do in my official capacity; it's just my job to make sure that all our fans have a chance to express ideas equally.  I really want to praise you and thank you very much for your very entertaining contributions to the Wiki.


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    • an anonymous contributor
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