• A reminder to all our fans:  please take a look at the Candidates for Deletion page and add your thoughts to the discussion.  Please, don't leave it to me to make an arbitrary decision.  This is YOUR wiki, but if you won't exercise your right of input, the decisions will have to be made by those who actually are interested in what goes on on the wiki.

    Arising in connection with that, I am strongly considering instituting a policy of simply erasing any reference to a character, location, or object on the wiki that has not been written up in an article.  (The big exception to that would be passing references in the description section of the article.) If a fan cares enough about a character to include him in the game, that fan ought to care enough to write him up properly.  Naturally I would allow a fair amount of time to pass before acting.  However, a fan who appears on the wiki, refers to half a dozen characters whom he never developes, disappears for half a year, and then returns to find that those unnourished references have vanished like the melting snows has no cause to complain if those who actually care about the wiki have been active in his absence.

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