Vital statistics
Real name Thomas
Alias Starter Pack
Species Goat
Designation Mission Giver
Series Regular Show
Location Ponyville
Nano Item Broken Horn
Voiced by Roger Craig Smith
Thomas is an anthropomorphic goat who works as an unpaid intern at the Park on Regular Show.  He is the newest member of the Park team, and sometimes questions whether he is required to take part in the disastrous events there that have generally been triggered by Mordecai and Rigby.  Thomas is a light yellowish tan with a darker brown goatee; he wears a black T-shirt, brown trousers, and red sneakers.


Thomas was getting a coffee when Fuse attacked. He flung himself into his car and panicked  so badly that he jammed the brakes and the car sailed off a cliff. Thomas was gravely injured and one of his horns broken off. He was found by Twilight Sparkle, who set about trying to heal him. As a result of her efforts he recovered -- but when Fuse started attacking Ponyville and the Mane 6 were separated, Thomas, who feels that he owes a debt to Twilight, volunteered to go to Ponyville to help fend off the Fusions.

Goats Hate Insurance

After the player reaches Level 15, Thomas asks him to go to the Chum Bucket Infected Zone in order to obtain an ingredient that Mr. Krabs is willing to pay a large sum for. Thomas says he will use the money to pay for damages on his car. After obtaining the ingredient, Thomas tells the player to give it to Mr. Krabs, who claims that a Fusion stole his Money Bag and that he thus cannot pay for the ingredient -- though he takes it anyway. After defeating Fusions near the back of the Krusty Krab, the hero discovers that the bag was a decoy and that Mr. Krabs hid the real money in order to avoid paying anything. The player goes to the Krusty Krab's cellar and discovers that Mr. Krabs has hidden the money in several Trash Cans all over Bikini Bottom. After investigating numerous Trash Cans, the player finds the Money and gives it to Thomas. Thomas says that after all he will use the money to protect Ponyville, stating that lives are more important than his car. Besides, it was his mother's car.

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