BlueA Nano Mission This Is A Robotic Matter
Level 67
Difficulty Hard
Character Blue
Place Zeropoint City
Find out who's causing havoc around Zeropoint City.
My Notes
Hey, come see me! I have a very important mission for you if you're in!

BlueA Blue
Hey, come see me! I have a very important mission for you if you're in!
BlueA Blue
Hey, there've been some strange rumors of me terrorizing Zeropoint City -- saying that I ran off and sent some minions to wreak havoc. Can you go and help me find out the truth?

Step 1
Defeat 5 Dark Mech Stalkers


BlueA Blue
Huh, no evidence. Go ask Rive about it.

Step 2
Talk To Rive.
File:RiveA.png Rive
Blue wouldn't do anything like that. I would talk to Zack.

Step 3
Talk To Zack.
Zack TonamiA Zack Tonami
Blue is making no sense to me -- oh, wait, it might be his batteries. Go defeat some Crisis Ninjas and get some more.

Step 4
Defeat Crisis Ninjas for Blue's batteries.
Zack TonamiA Zack Tonami
OK, we got the batteries! Now ask Blue for the RADAR.

Step 5
Talk to Blue.
BlueA Blue
The RADAR? Oh, to use it to track what's happening. Here you go.
BlooA Bloo
Hey, you might wanna hear this. Talk to Blossom and Dexter.

Step 6
Talk To Blossom.
BlossomA Blossom
Oh, Zack's robot? There was something odd about him when he was wreaking havoc; he had black on. So I'd go to Dexter. He'll know what's up.
DexterA Dexter
Zack, I know it was Fusion Blue because he had Fusion Matter over his head and he was in full power mode. He went to Zeropath Forest. Go get him before his next spree starts. There a portal in my lab that you can use to make it to Zeropoint City.

Step 7
Make it to Zeropath Forest.
BlueA Blue
Oh, that Fusion Faker! I'm gonna give him what he deserves!
DexterA Dexter
Blue, I wouldn't take on Fusion Blue Head on. You don't have enough energy to go Full Power.

Step 8
Escort Blue to his charging point. Fight with Blossom to get to Fusion Blue.
BlossomA Blossom
This as far as I can go. Fusion Blue is just ahead. Finish the fight for us.

Step 9
Defeat Fusion Blue.
BlossomA Blossom
Before you leave, come talk to me.

Step 10
Talk to Blossom.
BlossomA Blossom
Now that we finished that, we should fight again sometime.
BlueA Blue
Yeah, thanks for helping me with my problem. I'm in your debt. Call me when you're ready to fight some Fusions.
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