Setsuna F. SeieiA World Mission The Trailblazer (1 of 3)
Level 10
Difficulty Normal
Character Setsuna F. Seiei
Place Sector V
Find the GN Drive.
My Notes
Setsuna wants me to find the GN Drive. I'm Excited!
Mission Offer
The Trailblazer(1 of 3)
Find Edd.
Mission Details
Setsuna F. SeieiA Setsuna F. Seiei
You can find Edd. He knows about the GN Drive.

Mission Summary

Step 1
Talk to Edd
EddA Edd
The GN Drive? I've heard about that device. It fell into Goat's Junk Yard. You can obtain further information from Coop.
The Trailblazer (1 of 3)
Find Coop in Goat's Junk Yard.
Step 2
Talk to Coop.
File:CoopA.png Coop
That thing's called a "GN Drive?" Oh, I get it! It's in the Goat's Junk Yard Infected Zone!
Step 3
Find the GN Drive in the Infected Zone.
Setsuna F. SeieiA Setsuna F. Seiei
Find It? Good! Go ahead and bring it here.
The Trailblazer(1 of 3)
Find a Setsuna on Sector V
Step 4
Talk to Setsuna.
The Trailblazer (1 of 3)
I found the GN Drive.
Setsuna F. SeieiA Setsuna F. Seiei
Nice Job, but I have another mission for you.

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