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PrincessA.png Nano Mission The Spoiled Way
Level 27
Difficulty Hard
Character Princess Morbucks
Place Townsville Center - Downtown
Defeat Fusion Princess
My Notes
I help Princess and Tetrax hold me back here, and help to save Kevin's Car.

Mission Offer

The Spoiled Way
Ok then, bring me the Spacey Stuffs for me before Fusion Princess want it!

Mission Detail

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
you want an Nano? first bring me the Space-Diamond shoe for me!
Step 1
Defeat Unisickles

Space-Diamond Shoe - 0/1

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
Excellent! now bring me the Space-Diamond Hat!
Step 2
Defeat Heavy Hunters

Space-Diamond Hat - 0/1

The Spoiled Way
Perfect! now bring them to me!
Step 3
Delivery them to Princess
BlossomA.png Blossom
Uh, hello? you just got massage from Tertax.
TetraxA.png Tetrax
Did Princess wearing Petropia Hat and Shoes? bring them to me, i am in the Darklands.
The Spoiled Way
NO! what are you mean bring them to Tetrax?
Step 4
Delivery them to Tetrax
TetraxA.png Tetrax
Well done, kid, now Fusion Princess can't find them.
KevinA.png Kevin
Hey! Fusion Princess touched my Car in Monkey Foothills!
The Spoiled Way
Stupid Tetrax don't want me for this, and Fusion Princess touched Kevin's Car? well, just stop her already!
Step 5
Find the Fusion Lair
Step 6
Enter the Fusion Lair
KevinA.png Kevin
My Car! you must save my car from Fusion Princess!
TetraxA.png Tetrax
That means you have an limited time, and you need to defeat Sickle Simians before she drives Kevin's Car!
Step 7
Defeat Sickle Simians in remain time

Sickle Simians - 0/12
Remaining time: 240

TetraxA.png Tetrax
Outstanding, Now get help with Dexbot Z-99 to Repair Kevin's car.
KevinA.png Kevin
then this stupid Dexbot will be careful with my car!
Step 8
Need help to Dexbot Z-99
DexbotA.png Dexbot Z-99
Helping Granted, begin to repair on Kevin's Car.
KevinA.png Kevin
Hey, Watch that! it had Expensive paint!
TetraxA.png Tetrax
Alright, Kevin's Car is repairing, now here is Fusion Princess' left, got her!
Step 9
Defeat Fusion Princess

Fusion Princess - 0/1

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
Ugh! i can't believe that Fusion Princess changed mind for this!
KevinA.png Kevin
Yeah! but you missed a part of My Car touched by her, "Princess"!