The Present (also known as the "Other Future") is an alternative time that takes place ten years after the "Past" area of the game.

The key difference in this area of the game is that buildings appear to be even more futuristic, some areas are more or less infected then they were in the Past, and most significantly, The Wilds have been completely taken over by Fuse, and high tech bases have been built over the areas. Additionally, the Resurrect 'Ems no longer exist, as they have been replaced with medical stations, and Bankers have been replaced with C.R.A.T.E. stations, which resemble ATM machines.

Introduction and Storyline

During "Space Time Whatever (Part 7 of 7)" the player confronts Fusion Paradox in his lair. Just when the player is about defeat Fusion Paradox, the Fusion opens a vortex under the player. The player falls in and is sent ten years into the Future, landing right in the middle of a battle in Camp Kidney. The player talks to Numbuh 3234, who tells him or her that they'll worry about the time travel later and that they need to defeat the Junkomatics. The player defeats all ten of the Junkomatics, and they are suddenly ambushed by three Nega ScrapDroids. The player defeats one of them, Numbuh 3234 says they need to escape before more of the monsters come, and the player uses a one-way S.C.A.M.P.E.R. to escape, which takes the player to the present version of Genius Grove.

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