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The Precipice Map.png
The Precipice
Area Level 34
NPCs Thromnambular IX
Plumber Charley
Plumber Marlon
Plumber Barry

The enemies in this area are all level 34. There aren't many marked paths on the map so just navigate the hilly terrain. The ninth and final Thromnambular resides here. There are several vendors here as well as a Nano Station and a Monkey Skyway Agent that will transport you to Forsaken Valley and Huntor's Crest for a high fee. This is also the only area from which you can get to Fuse's Lair on foot. You can also cross the huge Fusion Matter lake that borders Fuse's Lair by using a vehicle, or just swimming through it and getting harmed.



Monkey Skyway Agent Destinations

Forsaken Valley Icon.png Forsaken Valley
Huntor's Crest Icon.png Huntor's Crest