The Nether
The Nether
Area Level 73
NPCs None

The Nether is an area from the indie computer game Minecraft. It is inhabited by several dangerous monsters, such as Wither Skeletons, Blazes, and Magma Cubes, but it seems to lack sentient life.


In FusionFall, the area can be accessed only by entering the Nether Portal in Elmore after reaching level 73. Once players reaches that level, they will automatically receive a world mission from Steve, instructing them to defeat several sets of high-level monsters, in order to "prove worthy of entering such a dangerous dimension." After this mission is completed, players can freely access The Nether. 

The Nether is significantly different from any other area, consisting of several floating "islands" rather than having a fully formed single area. Similar to several infected zones, the player navigates the area using floating chunks of the terrain. Because of the Nether's complicated navigation, several recall points are spread around it, making it an area with recall points outside of an infected zone. The Nether consists of the same monsters as in Minecraft, but mutated to deformed-yet-recognizable forms due to the infection of the area. 


  • Another Nether Portal exists in the area "Castle Everdread," but it is classified as a "broken" Nether Portal and sends the player to Champion's Paradise instead. 
  • The Nether is evidently infected, but it is unclear how this could have happened. Since "Magma Spawns" often appear near the Nether Portal, it is implied that Fusion Monsters could have attacked it by travelling through the Nether Portal in the normal world.
  • Similar to the Nether Portal's mechanics in Minecraft, often Fusion Monsters from the Nether can spawn near the Nether Portal itself, though at a lower level.
  • Apparently, Dexter is attempting to use robots in order to prevent alternate dimensions from connecting to the normal one; As to prevent certain dimensions such as the Nether from warring with other dimensions.
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