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AzmuthA.png World Mission The Lil' Froggy (2 of 2)
Level 24
Difficulty Easy
Character Azmuth
Place Sector V
I hear Gwen's Saying, Omnitrix get hijacked by Fuse, you can bring Omnitrix to me, i can fix that.
My Notes
I help Azmuth to fix Ben's Omnitrix.

Mission Offers

The Lil' Froggy (2 of 2)
You must have an time, Tell Ben to bring my Omnitrix back!

Mission Details

Step 1
Tell Ben removed Omnitrix. Remain Time: 190
BenA.png Ben Tennyson
Thanks you come here, i removed Omnitrix, also you have an time! Go to back with Azmuth before Omnitrix got hijacked by Fuse!
Step 2
Bring Omnitrix to Azmuth. Remain Time: 199
AzmuthA.png Azmuth
I fixed Omnitrix, but Fuse's trick is not done yet. you can take Omnitrix back for Ben.
Step 3
Get fixed Omnitrix on Ben
BenA.png Ben Tennyson
Well, thanks Azmuth and you to fix my Omnitrix, i guess i am back to Hero business!

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