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ButtercupA.png World Mission The Lil' Froggy (1 of 2)
Level 23
Difficulty Easy
Character Buttercup
Place Marquee Row - Downtown
Bubbles seek the little frog and missing! can you talk Bubbles for she find little frog from Space.
My Notes
I finded that frog called Azmuth, the Creator of Omnitrix, he want me go to tell Ben and What happen to Omnitrix.

Mission Offer

The Lil' Froggy(1 of 2)
Okay, you can tell Bubbles what type an frog of her see?

Mission Details

Step 1
Talk to Bubbles
BubblesA.png Bubbles
That Froggy from Space? ohhh, you mean that, but he run away from me. but he placed from somewhere.
ButtercupA.png Buttercup
Bubbles is right! he from somewhere!
BubblesA.png Bubbles
Yeah! i think he placed in Sector V!
Step 2
Go to Sector V
BlossomA.png Blossom
Hey! Over Here! I finded him! please go to meet me!
The Lil' Froggy (1 of 2)
Blossom finded him! maybe she know it!
Step 3
Talk to Blossom
BlossomA.png Blossom
I finded him in KND Treehouse Top! you can find him!
Step 4
Go to Treehouse Top
AzmuthA.png Azmuth
Did you find me? I am not little froggy! the Smartest of the Galaxy, Azmuth!
GwenA.png Gwen
Did you find Azmuth? Ben's Omnitrix is hijacked by Fuse!
The Lil' Froggy (1 of 2)
That frog called Azmuth? wow, how amusing, go back to Marquee Row and tell me.
Step 5
Talk to Buttercup
ButtercupA.png Buttercup
Well you finded him, i gonna back to tell Bubbles.

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