Lockon StratosA World Mission The Legend of Lockon (1 of 5)
Level 16
Difficulty Normal
Character Lockon Stratos
Place Townsville Park
Talking about his Story.
My Notes
I collected his brother's camera, phone & single eye mask.
Mission Offer
The Legend of Lockon (1 of 5)
Collect a Original Lockon's Camera, Phone & Eye Mask
Mission Details
Lockon StratosA Lockon Stratos
You know why i became Lockon stratos? there is Long story. My Brother, Neil, Who is a Original Lockon. He is a Better Sniper. In Next War... He died in the war.... I miss him... and That's why become Lockon. anyway, can you collect my brother's stuff form Fusion Monsters, Ok?
Mission Summary
Step 1
Defeat a Asphalt Creep

Neil's Camera -0/1

Lockon StratosA Lockon Stratos
You collected my brother's camera, next is his phone!
Step 2
Defeat a Dire Raptor

Neil's Phone -0/1

Lockon StratosA Lockon Stratos
Nice, but not yet, you will collect his eye mask!
Step 3
Defeat a Shady Streetlight

Neil's Eye Mask -0/1

Lockon StratosA Lockon Stratos
Nice job, come here is your reward.

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