Area Level 30
NPCs Numbuh 362
Chad Dickson
Numbuh Infinity
Numbuh 86
Numbuh 74.239

The Kids Next Door Moonbase (or Moonbase for short) is the headquarters and symbol for the Kids Next Door organization. It is the ultimate sector and rules over all other sectors. The Supreme Leaduh operates from the Moonbase. The current leader is Numbuh 362. Typically, K.N.D. aircrafts were the transport to and fro between the Moonbase and Earth, but since Fuse's attack, traveling to the Moonbase is tricky and dangerous. Numbuh 362 is in talks with the Watchtower and is attempting to get teleporters between the Moonbase and the Watchtower and Earth.


The current Moonbase is a rebuild of the original Moonbase, after Numbuh One sent the base to land on the villain, Grandfather (coincidentally, who was also his grandfather). This Moonbase is bigger, grander, and slicker.


At the start of the war, contact with the Moonbase had been lost since it was the closest point of attack by Fuse. The surviving operatives (including Numbuh 362) have been working on getting communication connections going between them and Earth. Their defenses are still up, but their offenses are still needing to be touched up on.

Recently, Numbuh Infinity and Chad Dickson appeared out of nowhere on the Moonbase and have been helping the Moonbase get back to 120%. While there is some animosity towards the old Supreme Leaduh, the operatives are following his and the mysterious teen's commands, since they've found that they are getting ahead.


  • Numbuh 362 - Leader of the Kids Next Door. Her missions are about the structure of the Moonbase.
  • Numbuh 86 - Global Tactician Officer and Head of Decommissioning of the KND. Her missions are about getting communication going in the Moonbase.
  • Numbuh 74.239 - Head Scientist of the KND and an Agent of the Galactic KND. His missions are about the defense of the Moonbase, which deals with 2x4 tech and weaponry.
  • Chad Dickson - Agent of the Galactic KND and former Supreme Leaduh of the KND. His missions are geared towards offense weaponry and beefing up the fire power of the Moonbase.
  • Numbuh Infinity - Agent of the Galactic KND. His missions are geared towards interpersonal problems amongst the KND operatives and keeping morale high.


  • The Moonbase has a statue of Numbuh 0 in the middle of the base, as a homage to one of the most influential operative in the Kids Next Door history.
    • Numbuh 0 is Numbuh One's father.
  • The Moonbase isn't covered in as much Fusion Matter as would be expected due to the KND's effort to keep the alien gunk out of their Moonbase. The Matter is mostly seen on the outside of the base, never inside.
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