The Fissure
Area Level 16
The Fissure is a crack in the ground in the middle of Townsville Park torn open by Fuse to try to awaken an ancient beast deep in the Fissure. For players who have never been here before, the sight of it inside will change the way they see infected zones, inasmuch as, unlike most infected zones, The Fissure has no monsters and has a lot of platforming. Oddly enough, the Terrafusers here seem to be moving back and forth in some locations.

There is currently an empty Fusion Portal in the Fissure. It is rumored that Fusion Ed will make his home here. Other possibilities include the Fusion for the Van Kleiss nano (for example, Fusion Rex, or Fusion Van Kleiss). There also is a Wishing Skull V covered in Fusion Matter. For the time, this one is not related with any mission.

Fusion Lairs

  • Fusion Max's Lair
  • Fusion Vilgax's Secret Lair
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