Chrissy, Kirsten, and Kristen (more commonly known as "The Clones") are Nikki's co-workers at The Khaki Barn and are her second-worst nightmares.

The Clones

Chrissy is the manager of the Khaki Barn, and to some extent the leader of the other two Clones. She's also the most intelligent (which is a stretch at best, as all three Clones are depicted as being not very smart). Despite all looking nearly identical, Chrissy has short darker blonde hair and blue eyes, while Kristen has long blonde hair with a blue headband and green eyes, and Kirsten has her blonde hair tied up in a ponytail with a blue-green hair elastic and brown eyes. Chrissy is eighteen years old, and therefore is two years older than Kristen and Kirsten. Chrissy is voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow, Kirsten is voiced by Stephanie Mills and Kristen is voiced by Lauren Lipson.

Chrissy is the most distinguishable of the bunch, as she has shorter, darker hair and a more developed personality. She's also the most independent of the bunch but, despite being the manager and the leader of the group, is given the least screen time. Kristen and Kirsten, meanwhile, are nearly indistinguishable other than small variations in their look. This was remarked upon by Nikki in "The Sushi Connection," when she confused the two. Kristen is the one most commonly seen greeting customers as they come in, however, which suggests that of the two she is better at customer relations.


In FusionFall, the original three Clones can be found at The Khaki Barn in The Galleria Mall, where they sell various Khaki Barn accessories and clothes. When they were originally added to the game in early 2014, The Clones only consisted of Chrissy, Kirsten, and Kristen. However, a later game update expanded The Clones to be an NPC Group. Various clones can be found around the FusionFall unvierse, usually identifiable through variations of the signature Khaki Barn uniform and Clone characteristics (ex. blonde hair, similar facial traits, ect.), with each of their names starting with a C or a K.

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