StickybeardA World Mission That's Just Peachy (Part 1 of 5)
Level 19
Difficulty Easy
Character Stickybeard
Place Candy Cove - The Suburbs
Ask Chowder if he knows the way to Stormalong Harbor.
My Notes
I asked Chowder if he knew the way to Stormalong Harbor.

Mission Offer

That's Just Peachy (Part 1 of 5)
Arrr, go to Stormalong to find out the truth about K'nuckles’ hat.

Mission Details

StickybeardA Stickybeard
Avast, matey! 'Tis a lie I stoled ol' Knuckles's hat. Ask anyone in Stormalong Harbor! 'Tis right near to Marzipan City — get that Chowder to show ye the way.

Step 1
Talk to Chowder.

ChowderA Chowder
Stormalong Harbor? I've never been there. You need to ask Flapjack the way.

StickybeardA Stickybeard
Arrr, come back and tell me that cat o' nine tales told ye.

Step 2
Report back to Stickybeard.

StickybeardA Stickybeard
Ay, young Flapjack would know the way, but he's a ways off! Just to encourage ye, here be something fer yer trouble!

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