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Vital statistics
Species Crystalsapien
Series Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Location Forsaken Valley
Nano Item Crystalline Projectile
Voiced by Dave Fennoy

Tetrax Shard is an alien bounty hunter from the planet Petropia originally hired by Vilgax to retrieve the Omnitrix, but is now a trusted friend and ally of Ben Tennyson. Of the Petrosapien Race, he has the power to create and grow green crystals to use as weapons, such as shields and projectiles.


The Future

In the future, Tetrax is nowhere to be found. He was either defeated in battle, or fled from Earth to escape Fuse's tyranny.

Tetrax onboard Mandark's research station, without his helmet

The Past

Tetrax is onboard Mandark's flying research facility within The Darklands alongside Samurai Jack. He is helping study the plans of Fuse, such as the weapons made of his monster's remains and super charged Fusion Matter. He is normally seen with his helmet off, but uses it in his idle pose.