Area Level 50
NPCs Tithi

Speedy Gonzales

Teotihuacan is a city from Aztec times that is located south of Mexico City. It is famous for its pyramids, complex residential compounds, the Avenue of the Dead and some murals, making it a choice for archaeologists who research Mesoamerican history.


Much of the lost city's history is shrouded by the mists of time. It is thought that the city was built in 100 BC and that it reached its zenith in the first millennium. Teotihuacan became the largest Aztec city with a large population and a growing religious center. As time passed by, droughts, population decline and other factors caused the city to collapse.


There are Dexbots situated near the Pyramid of the Sun near warp points to other areas of the city. One of them sells Mesoamerican themed items. Tithi can be found near the Avenue of the Dead. He gives the mission, "End of The World". He requires the player to investigate the nearby Pyramid of the Moon for any Fusion activities. The player goes in to the pyramid and discovers that the Fusion Powerpuff Girls are plotting to steal the Ancient Codex located in the Pyramid of the Feathered Snake. However, the Fusions spot the player and attack him, running away with a mysterious artifact. The player goes back to Tithi, who tells him that the artifacts is of importance to the Fusions for some reason.

In the second part of the mission, the player meets Speedy Gonzales, who offers to help him with the quest. They go to Tenochtitlan, another lost city to look for the Fusions. The player fights the Powerpuff Fusions while Speedy fights of the Ahuizaptls that are helping the Fusions. The villains escape again, but the artifact is left behind. As it turns out, it is a key that can open the Ancient Codex. The player goes to the Pyramid of the Feathered Snake to confront the Fusions one last time for the fight over the codex. After the players defeat the Fusions, he opens the first and second codices. The codices reveal that Fuse is the personification of Planet Fusion and that he used to be a pupil of the first Dragon Guardians, but rebelled against them to conquer the multiverse. The Dragon Guardians then sealed him away in his own galaxy before retiring, choosing the next Dragon Guardians to protect Earth.

It is also revealed that the Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl and the first Wind Dragon Guardian are one and the same person. A feathered snake can be found guarding the entrance to the palace of the current Wind Dragon Guardian, Ryukaze.

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