This is an example of a FanonFall Wiki userbox.
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used as a base template (also known as a "meta-template") for creating other userbox templates in a common style. All userbox templates should use this template.
It must only be used to create other userbox templates. It may not be used directly in user space.
| bordercolor	=
| bgcolor	=
| bgcolorleft	=
| image		=
| color		=
| text		=

Sample output
| bordercolor	= ##008000
| bgcolor	= #006CB0
| bgcolorleft	= ##008000
| image		= {{Side crop|height=38|width=50|position=-5|left=-4|image=ComputressA.png|size=50|link=Computress}}
| text		= This user has [[Computress]] as his favorite character.

This user has Computress as his favorite character.

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