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Takashi Komuro
Vital statistics
Real name Takashi Komuro
Age 17
Species Human
Series Highschool of the Death
Location Fujimi High School
Nano Item Metal Bat

Takashi Komuro (小室孝,Komuro Takashi) is a high school second-year and the leader of the main group of survivors from Fujimi Academy. He is a childhood friend of both Saya Takagi and Rei Miyamoto, and while he has strong feelings of love for Rei, he shares intimate feelings with Saeko Busujima as well. Takashi is not a skilled fighter, but he makes up for this with his leadership skills, which often hold his group together in dire situations.


Takashi is at Fujimi High School with his new girlfriend May. At the moment he gives one mission,  "Interdimensional Love." He will ask players to retrieve his metal bat. When that is done, he will give them his Crowbar as reward.