BobertA Nano Mission System Recovery
Level 2
Difficulty Hard
Character Bobert
Place Retroville (The New Future)
Investigate the strange energy

readings coming from Jimmy Neutron's lab.

My Notes
I discovered Fusion Bobert and

stopped him from destroying Jimmy Neutron's lab.

Mission Offer (received automatically).

BobertA Bobert
If you are willing to help me with

this situation, then perhaps a new Nano will be available to you if time permits.


Mission Details 

Step One
Go to Retroville!

System Recovery
If you are interested in receiving a

Nano to add to your collection, then proceed to the Candy Bar in Retroville as soon as possible.

BobertA Bobert
Since you've arrived, I will provide

further details regarding the present situation.

Step Two
Talk to Bobert.

BobertA Bobert
While observing the energy readings coming from various locations in Retroville, it seems that I have picked up an energy reading localized on Atomic Drive that is the exact opposite to mine. Perhaps the one known as Jimmy Neutron would know the possible cause for this.

System Recovery
The self-proclaimed "Boy Genius" Jimmy Neutron should have further information.

Step Three
Talk to Jimmy Neutron.

Jimmy NeutronA Jimmy Neutron
The energy readings are the exacts opposite of Bobert's? This can only mean one thing, and I sure hope I'm wrong. Give me a moment to confirm these readings.

Jimmy NeutronA Jimmy Neutron
That's it! Fusion Bobert is somewhere in my lab! The only place he could be is in my underground tunnel complex. Can you investigate it while I lock down the flux capacitors?

Step Four
Enter the tunnel complex.

System Recovery
Jimmy thinks you should check the

underground tunnels beneath his lab.

Jimmy NeutronA Jimmy Neutron
The basement is overrun by Robo-Fiends!

Step Five
Defeat 10 Robo-Fiends. 0/10

System Recovery
Jimmy wants you to rid the basement of Robo-Fiends.

Jimmy NeutronA Jimmy Neutron
Look! There're more of them going after the incinerator!

Step Six
Defeat 12 Robo-Fiends. 0/12

System Recovery.
There're more of them. Destroy 'em all!

Jimmy NeutronA Jimmy Neutron
Look, it's Fusion Bobert! If he destroys the energy core, all of Retroville will be destroyed!

BobertA Bobert
Fusion Bobert must be destroyed.


Step Six
Defeat Fusion Bobert.

System Recovery.
Fusion Bobert must be destroyed.
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