Stormalong Harbor
Stormalong Harbor
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Stormalong Harbor (AKA simply Stormalong) is the large port city that Flapjack and his friends call home. Stormalong was divided into two sections: Upper Stormalong, a residential area for the wealthier citizens, and Lower Stormalong, an area consisting of docks, shops, warehouses, and the hovels of the poorer classes.


When the Fusion invasion began, Stormalong was heavily damaged by Terrafusers; in fact, the city was almost completely wrecked and its citizens entirely scattered. Flapjack, K'Nuckles, and Bubbie were separated from each other, and Flapjack himself washed up on the banks of Peach Creek.

Stormalong is considered a part of Peach Creek Wilds. where it lies on the northern shore of the lake (or harbor -- there is a barrier which prevents players from going far enough out to see if there is another shore). Therefore, it is accessible only to players who have completed the "That's Just Peachy" mission given out by Freddy Fishlegs and obtained the lead-lined Diving Boots that allow them to enter the underwater cave at the head of Peach Creek. Just beyond Stormalong lies the Shipwreck Infected Zone, an area full of Fusion Matter and the wrecks of pirate ships, where players can find a non-functioning Bubbie, as well as Fusion Bubbie.


  • In one of the newer level 27 missions Stormalong Harbor was mentioned for the first time in the game; it actually appeared on November 28, 2013.
  • Flapjack reappeared in FusionFall for the Valentine's event by washing up in Peach Creek from a "Fuse-wrecked Stormalong." (Freddy Fishlegs is currently where Flapjack was for the Valentine's event). It is possible that Flapjack was originally meant to give out the "That's Just Peachy" mission that allows the player to reach Stormalong.
  • Flapjack moved to Leakey Lake during the Saint Patrick's Day event; it is possible that he mistook the words "Peach Creek Lake" for "Leaky Lake," since he is looking for Bubbie there while she is actually in the Shipwreck Infected Zone.
  • It is revealed in this area that Stormalong Harbor was destroyed, as said in Bubbie's diary.
  • It is possible that Bubbie was originally meant to be a form of transportation from one area of the game to another, possibly from Peach Creek Wilds to Leaky Lake (like Whoosh the Mechanical Whale, which transports players from Orchid Bay to the Monkey Foothills), but her character in the Shipwreck infected zone is non-functioning. This may be altered by the programmers later on.
  • Despite hints that he would appear in the game at some point, there is still no sign of Captain K'Nuckles in this area.
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