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Vital statistics
Species Human
Designation Mission Giver
Series Minecraft
Location Elmore
Voiced by CaptainSparklez

Steve is the default character of Minecraft. If the player doesn't customize his character he is left with this character. He is also the only playable character in the Pocket Edition of Minecraft. He is considered the mascot of Minecraft.


When Planet Fusion was going to destroy The End, the Enderdragon tried to close off the portal in order to prevent any interference, but Fusion Matter went damaged the portal, creating a time paradox. Steve jumped into the portal just as this deappened, bringing Herobrine with him by mistake. Steve ended up at Dexlabs, and after explaining himself, he was sent by Dexter to Elmore to build a wall, putting his building abilities to good use. Soon Steve made friends with the residents and is next to the construction zone in Elmore.

Heroes in Time

Steve was curious about the rumors that The End had been consumed by Planet Fuse. After more than a dozen missions, he discovered that the rumors were true: Planet Fusion did consume The End and turned the Endermen into Ender Hunters. The real question remained: What happened to the Enderdragon and after a dozen more missions, the player Fuse put the Enderdragon Fusion Matter filled bionic implants and made the Enderdragon a pet of Fuse called Ender Fusion. Steve sends the player out to find the last remaining portal in the Nether, which takes the player to The End. Steve is there and helps the player fight off many Ender Hunters. The Ender Fusion is the main target and the Ender Hunters should be delayer and Steve take the Ender Fusion down, his leash is all that remains. Steve asks the player to keep it because it has a powerful enchantment. Steve says that this is a major step to defeat Fuse.


  • Steve is voiced by Minecraft's biggest fan: CaptainSparklez.
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