Angry Birds Stella
Vital statistics
Alias Pink Bird, Bubble Bird
Species Galah
Designation Mission Giver
Series Angry Birds (series)
Location Piggy Island
Nano Item Bubble Wand
Voiced by Heljä Heikinnen
Cute and bubbly!

–Stella in a nutshell

Stella is a pink bird who first appeared in the Angry Birds Seasons episode "Back to School". She is also the second female bird in the Flock after Matilda. She may be childish, but she is very cunning enough to thwart the plans of pigs and Fusions before they are launched. She gets angry easily, but is very happy when not. She is also stubborn and unruly and hates being told what to do.


Stella first joined the Angry Birds to help them rescue their eggs in "Back to School". She became the newest member of the flock and joined the birds ever since. She sometimes goes to Golden Island to hang out with her friends in "Angry Birds Stella". She used to be friends with Gale until they fell out in different ways.


Stella, Matilda and Hal are left on Piggy Island ever since the Angry Birds Team went to outer space to fight bad guys. At level 52, the World mission, "Golden Legend" is given by her. Rumours that Fusion monsters are spotted on Golden Island are worrying Stella and she sends the player off to investigate. When the player arrives on Golden Island, it is discovered that some minion pigs survived the Fusion assault on Pig City and went to the island as refugees. One of the pigs tell the player that Stella is attacking then and that she is in search of a "Golden Egg." Doubtful about his claims, the player heads to Stella's vacation home to investigate. He finds out that a Fusion Stella took up residence in there and after defeating her, he obtains the Stella Nano. The player goes back to Piggy Island and tells Stella about the situation. Stella thanks the player for helping out and gives him her bubble wand. She then mentions that the leader of the Fusion monsters could be like Gale, seeking only power and riches over friends.

World Tour

When the player meets Stella at the City Peninsula museum after collecting the Ancient Codices, she compliments the player for being brave and reads the old books along with the player and Ryuto, who got the player to find the codices in the first place. After five hours, the pink bird mentions that while Gale abandoned her friendship with her to search for the Golden Egg, Fuse is worse than she, betraying his masters, who could be his former friends, simply for the sake of power and multiversal conquest, something which Gale cannot even think of doing.

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