I never follow you in the war!

–Speed Austinson, Super Robot Wars FX

Speed Austinson
Speed Austinson
Vital statistics
Real name Speed Austinson
Age 25
Species Human
Designation Main Character(Super Robot Wars FX)

Mission Giver(FusionFall)

Series Super Robot Wars FX
Voiced by Sōichirō Hoshi
Speed Austinson is Main Character of Super Robot Wars FX. also was Pilot of H-239-01 Gunmania



In Super Robot Wars FX

in his Childhood, Speed lost his Parents, He lived as Orphan, 100 Year After, He piloted Gunmania defeat all Fusion Monsters.

And After. His Mecha got Upgraded call Gunmania Yin(Super Style) & Gunmania Yang(Real Style).


  • In FusionFall, He is Member of Plumber.
    • In Super Robot Wars FX, He is Not Member of Plumber.
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