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Snow Villiers
Snow XIII-2 Render
Vital statistics
Age 21
Location Champion's Paradise
Voiced by Troy Baker

Snow Villiers is one of the strongest heroes around. Snow has the ability to assume an Ice Form. Snow's two weapons are called "Magic Queen" and "Frozen Solid."

Ice Form

This form can be used only if the player has a Vanilla Glitz ice cream, which can be obtained in Champion's Paradise by getting it from Snow. When this ice cream is eaten, the player will turn into a hero made of ice, with an increase in speed, though a decrease in strength.

Gestalt Mode

The player becomes able to drive a Shiva and attack enemies with it. The moves are:
  • Hydroshot
  • Gunshot
  • Cryoshot
  • Electroshock
  • Blizzard Crash


Snow will be appear in the FusionFall-based comic FusionCross, drawn and written by Miharu Ogawa, though the role he will play in it is unknown for the moment.