Sly Cooper
Vital statistics
Alias "The Thief"



"The Ball"

"Sitting Duck"

Jose Ortiz (Pilot's License)

Species Raccoon
Designation Mission Giver
Series Sly Cooper (series)
Location The Badlands
Nano Item Cooper Cane
Voiced by Kevin Miller

Sly Cooper is a raccoon who also happens to be a master thief.

Sly Cooper Nano

Sly's Nano


Sly and his gang were planning a crime, but while they were plotting, a Fusion Spawn crept up to destroy their safe-house and Bam! all the members of the gang were scattered over the globe. Sly woke up in a Safety Zone in the Badlands in front of Shadow the Hedgehog. Sly thought that he was at a normal hospital, but he was just in a little hut. He has gone out to defeat Fusions. Sly doesn't know how he get there, but he knows that his Cooper Cane was used to make a Fusion Sly, so he gave his Cooper Cane to Dexter to make a Sly Nano.

Sly gives out the "Band of Thieves" mission series.

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