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Slender Woods
Area Level 12
NPCs Dexbot Q-789

Dexbot Q-626

Slender Woods is a level 12 infected zone found near Dark City. The area consists of an eerie-looking forest with a heavy fog. There are several fallen trees and a small cabin that is overrun with Fusion Matter. The cabin has been dubbed as the "House of Slender" by Dexter, due to the fact that Fusion Slenderman's Lair can be found inside. There is a Dexbot right outside the infected zone that can transport players to DexLabs

Fusion Lairs

  • Fusion Dib's Lair
  • Fusion Slenderman's Secret Lair


  • The Slenderman has been said to go here during the nighttime, but it hasn't been confirmed.
  • Derpy Hooves crashed here when Fuse attacked, but the Slenderman saved her.
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