Looping Legend
Silver Angry Birds
Vital statistics
Alias Looping Legend
Species Peale's Falcon (Falco Peregrinus Pealei)
Designation Mission Giver
Series Angry Birds
Location Piggy Island
Voiced by Rachel Bloom (film)
Silver is a falcon who appeared in the first official sequel to Angry Birds, Angry Birds 2.  After her first appearance in Angry Birds 2, she has since then only appeared in one other Angry Birds instalment, Angry Birds Transformers and few others.


Silver was an egg stolen by pigs who were just about to cook it until it hatched. Thus, Silver was born, and the pigs took her in as their own. Because of this, she notably has multiple physical and mental traits of the pigs, having a very goofy sense of humour and even having the same exact teeth as the pigs.

Sometime later, she met and joined the original flock of Angry Birds on their adventures.

Aside from her sense of humour, not much else is known about Silver, personality-wise, though she is portrayed as smart enough to craft inventions and win awards and even friendly to pigs in The Angry Birds Movie 2.


Silver became separated from the members of Red's flock who did not go to space when the War on Fuse started. When the remaining members of the flock left Bird Island when a Terrafuser landed on it, Silver flew to the mainland, lost and confused. After a while she wanted to find out how to destroy the Terrafuser which landed on the flock's original home, so she travelled to Downtown. Since then, she can be seen flying around the area, even racing with the Powerpuff Girls.

The 2015 Earth Day event has the Angry Birds Team meet her at the Galaxy Gardens where they help investigate disappearances of certain birds that were housed there. In the mission "Birds of a Feather", the player helps them rescue some birds from Fusion King Pig and Fusion Gumball who are planning to eat them and cook the rest for Fuse. After the mission is completed (possibly because the two Fusions are busy bickering), she and the Angry Birds Team (Matilda, Hal, Stella and her friends included) attend a concert by the Powerpuff Girls, which of course resulted in comical hijinks since some pigs who survived the Fusion attack on Piggy Island also arrived at the concert.

Since then, she can still be found at Galaxy Gardens. She gives the level 53 mission "Talons of Ruin", where Dexter directs the player to meet her at the gardens ever since the avian superheroes flew to DexLabs and spoke to him about the Eggsteroids. From what the player learned from Silver, it is possible that the Eggsteroids can be used against Fuse and his forces, so they must be careful. The player and Silver goes back to Piggy Island where they meet the rest of the birds at the Cobalt Plateaus.

Apparently, in Pig City's Crash Test Lair, an Eggsteroid has landed, attracting the attention of the Fusion Monsters living there. The player goes to the Crash Test Lair to retrieve the Eggsteroid, only to find an area clear of Fusion Matter and Fusion monsters and a Fusion Silver attempting to destroy the object in order to release them. Turns out, the Crash Test Lair was Fusion Silver's Lair until the Eggsteroid landed on it. The player fights Fusion Silver and obtains her nano, and meets the birds again. Professor Pig is with them, and they all agree that the Eggsteroid be sent to DexLabs. The player goes to DexLabs with Silver following him, and Dexter agrees to keep the Eggsteroid for research. Turns out, he saw Silver practising her loops in Galaxy Gardens a day after his meeting with the Angry Birds Team and told her about them, the Eggsteroids and the player, which is why he told the player to meet her.

It turns out that the Eggsteroid when touched by creatures, sucks them in a wormhole and deposits them in a pocket dimension. Maybe these things are miniature worlds into themselves. The player thus can enter the Eggsteroid via wormhole, clear it of Fusions, and then exit when done, making it a dungeon as well.

After the mission, Silver moved to Piggy Island, beside the nest that Matilda, Hal and Stella are guarding.


  • She is currently a rival of Silver the Hedgehog, as both of them are known for being very fast. Not surprising as her species is a subspecies of the peregrine falcon, the fastest bird in the world.
  • She also has a friendly rivalry with both Blossom and Bubbles, flying with them on some occasions. Since Bubbles can talk to animals, she and Silver can understand each other well. In fact, Silver once told the sisters about a certain member of Ace's band who looks like Buttercup and is kinda cool too. It's implied that she became a fan of Belladonna the first time she saw Ace's band perform.
  • Despite being raised by pigs, she sees Red and his fellow birds as part of the family.


  • Silver is the only member of Red's flock to not have appeared in the original Angry Birds game.
  • Her Fusion counterpart has fangs instead of the rounded teeth Silver sometimes displays.
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